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Companies involved in the industry, including chemical, rare earth, cobalt and
nickel, metallurgy, water treatment, environmental protection, etc.

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Rotomoulding Water Tank
PE Vertical Flat-bottomed Water...
PE Vertical Conical Bottom Wate...
PE Precipitation tower
PE Vertical Flat-bottomed Wate...
PE Vertical Stocking Chemical T...
PE Rotomoulding Spiral Stocking...
PE Horizontal Stocking Tank
PE Container Tank
Medicine Tank
Flat bottom Medicine Tank
Tapered bottom Medicine Tank
Salt Dissolving Tank
Stainless Water Tank、Stainless...
Stainless Water Tank
Stainless Steel Heat Retention ...
PE Mixer Tank and Medicine
Reusing Tanking
Reusing Tanking (Stack-up)
Reusing Tanking (Cartridge)
Circular Storing Tank
OEM Rotomoulding Products
Septic Tanks
Transportation、Sanitation Prod...
Sanitation Products
Fish Barrels
Special Accessories
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PT-1000L ①

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