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How to choose the high quality plastic containers?

Release time: 2017/12/19 15:46:43

The use of plastic containers in our life is very common, water buckets, cups, including plastic water tanks and so on. Storage containers for fresh food and plastic tubs for washing clothes belong to the category of plastic containers. The quality of plastic containers is closely linked with our life. Plastic containers are lightweight, not easily broken, and they are not easily oxidized and can be used sustainably. However, good plastic containers are relatively adulterated with harmful substances in the production process and will not cause harm to the human body. Therefore, When we choose plastic containers, there are small coup.
1. When buying plastic containers, pay attention to look at the appearance of plastic containers to see if there is damage, especially to see the thickness of plastic containers, whether the container surface black spots impurities.
2. Because the main material of plastic containers is a variety of chemical compounds, chemical compounds exudes harmful substances in extreme cases, and must be carefully and carefully selected. There is a small mark below each plastic container, usually at the bottom of a plastic container, a small triangle with 1 to 7 digits in a small triangle. Each number represents a different material, and we can select plastic containers by number.
3. Smell the smell of plastic containers, plastic containers generally better taste than the poor quality of plastic containers, the taste of light, bad quality containers of plastic taste more concentrated.
4. Select a plastic container, should pay attention to see its color, looking at the sun, viewed from the side, if some turbidity, better than very transparent, so that the chemical composition of the inclusions is relatively small.
These are just a few of the experiences I have gained in buying plastic containers. The widespread use of plastic containers gives us a better understanding of its important role. When we feel it convenient, we should also buy cheap ones when the prices are cheap. Good plastic container.

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